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Treat Koi parasites correctly

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Koi expert and KOITEC owner André Ahrens gives you before ordering important and interesting tips for the treatment of your beloved pond fish: If Koi and other pond fish rub against objects or Koi jump over the water surface, this can have different causes. Known examples are parasites or poor water quality in the pond. Parasites can be clearly identified with a microscope. A Koi is first captured, then some mucous membrane is wiped off with a microscope slide. This allows the correct selection and addition of pond treatment products to be determined, as the parasites sit on all fish. For this reason, the entire pond should be treated with medication!

Always consult a koi doctor or experienced koi dealer. We advise against simply dumping any broad-spectrum parasite medication into the pond. This can damage your Koi and the biology of the filtration system. In the worst case, the actual disease is still untreated. Please note: There is no medicine that can treat all parasites.

If you have any questions, please call us on 04191 95 82 75, we will be happy to help you directly if our capacities allow it.