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Tornado II freshwater protein skimmer

Tornado II freshwater protein skimmer

The entry of urine from fish and food enriches the water with protein. One recognizes this very simply by foam formation on the pond surface. This cannot be removed by filter systems. A protein skimmer can help here. This could also be installed temporarily as required, and does not have to be in operation all year round.

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Products description - Tornado II freshwater protein skimmer

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The improved version of the popular protein skimmer. Via a 4 mm air connection and an included flow meter, an air pump permanently pumps 0.5l/m (30l/h) air into the filter. This pressure ensures that the foam is forced out of the filter via a foam drain pipe. The big advantage of this system is that there is no pressure loss as there is no venturi. In addition, the optimum amount of air is blown into the filter at all times.

The protein skimmer is a combination of three different filter systems. The filter works biologically, mechanically and chemically. The principle is as follows: the surface of an air bubble attracts substances dissolved in water. This attraction of air bubbles concentrates chemicals, dirt particles, dyes and algae. An air pump mixes air with water. As this mixture is pressed through biorings to a low discharge, a very long contact time between water and air occurs. This continuously changes the surface tension of the water, resulting in a solid foam. This foam is separated from the cleaned water by a perforated cone and transported away. All kinds of dirt particles are collected and transported away in this foam. Substances dissolved in the water such as phosphate, ammonia, humic acid, dyes, proteins and a number of heavy metals are filtered out of the water. The removal of dissolved substances is not possible in a normal filter and can only be realized by adding chemicals.

The filter has even more advantages:
- stabilizes the pH-value
- removes dyes
- increases the oxygen content of the water
- is independent of bacteria and works as soon as the pump is running

Total height 74cm, Ø16cm, water supply Ø25mm, water drain

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