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Primum - Dog Dental Care - SilverDent - 3IN1-Gel Classic 125ml

Primum - Dog Dental Care - SilverDent - 3IN1-Gel Classic 125ml

Dog dental care natural antibacterial

The Primum SilverDent Classic 3in1 Gel with MicroSilverBG offers natural dental care and oral hygiene for your dog. It removes tartar and plaque, combats unpleasant bad breath and relieves gingivitis. The dental gel can also be used on cats.

SilverDent Classic 3in1 Gel by Primum has an antibacterial effect, is well tolerated and also suitable for long-term use.

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Products description - Primum - Dog Dental Care - SilverDent - 3IN1-Gel Classic 125ml

Primum - Dental Care for the Dog - SilverDent Classic 3in1 Gel

Primum SilverDent Classic 3in1 Gel with MicroSilverBG improves your dog's oral hygiene and ensures beautiful and healthy teeth. The dental care products from Primum are 100% natural and well tolerated.

Why is dental care important in dogs?

tooth problems are unpleasant. Not only do they cause bad-smelling breath, but they also often cause malnutrition in the dog's stomach and intestines through uncrushed food. In order to prevent this, the care of the teeth is essential and should already be used preventively.

How does Primum SilverDent Classic 3in1 Gel?


With the help of the medically proven ingredient MicroSilverBG, the products of the Primum Silver Dent line naturally inhibit tartar, caries and gingivitis and prevent dental problems. It also combats unpleasant bad breath and is helpful against plaque. The citrus kernel extract loosens the bacterial film from inflamed gums and has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.
The results of the application are already visible after 3-6 weeks.

What is MicroSilverBG?

The active substance MicroSilverBG is a special porous form of metallic silver of medium particle size. The element has both an antibacterial and antiviral effect and is 100% natural and free of nanoparticles.  The active ingredient, which has already been successfully used in medicine, can remain on the affected areas for up to 12 hours and thus protect against bacterial recolonisation. It also supports the regeneration of irritated and inflamed gums. So the antibacterial MicroSilverBG helps your dog to enjoy eating again.

The MicroSilverBG is particularly suitable for long-term use as it does not lead to the formation of resistance in the bacteria and the full effect remains. Continuous use protects teeth and gums and fights unpleasant bad breath.

How is Primum Silverdent Classic 3in1 Gel used?

For the treatment of acute tartar, the gel should be applied twice daily, morning and evening. Prophylactically, two to three applications per week are sufficient.

- Put the recommended amount of gel on your fingertip

-Take your dog's lip up with your thumb

-apply the gel with your finger on the whole teeth of one side

- Repeat steps 1-3 on the other side of the dentition

Bitte geben Sie Ihrem Hund 30 Minuten vor und nach dem Auftragen nichts zu trinken oder fressen. 
Unser Tipp: Abends nach der letzten Mahlzeit auftragen!


Gewicht des Hundes (kg)Empfohlene Menge des Gels (cm)
1 – 50,6
6 – 151
16 – 302
30 +3

Nach Anbruch innerhalb von 3 Monaten verbrauchen.


Wasser, Silber, Citruskernextrakt, Pfefferminzöl

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