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Stable pond - healthy fish

Testing water values such as pH value or carbonate hardness (KH value) regularly is a necessary step towards good water quality and ideal living conditions for pond fish. Nutrients such as phosphate, nitrate/nitrite or ammonium can also be monitored. In this way, an imbalance, algae in the pond or health risks for Koi, sturgeon or goldfish can be prevented.

One of the most important water values in garden ponds is the carbonate hardness (KH). It mainly stabilizes the pH value and thus prevents too much toxic ammonia in the water of fish ponds. The KH value in the pond should be at least 5° dH. The carbonates are constantly carried out of the pond by rainwater, strong ventilation or plant growth and must therefore be measured constantly. If the temperature falls below 5° dH, KOIPON Härte-Plus should be used for hardening. With 10m³ pond content, the value can be hardened by approx. 2° with 1kg Hardness-Plus. The pH value should also be checked from time to time. If this rises above pH 8.5, we offer KOIPON® pH-Minus as an immediate measure.