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With pond cleaner & pond sludge remover you clean the pond and pond technology sustainably

Pond cleaning can be so easy - with the knowledge and products of KOIPON®. The triggers for brown water or pond mud can be many and varied. Garden ponds are ultimately largely closed ecological water cycles. In a nutshell: What is in the pond is first in the pond. And so it happens that a frequent cause of brown pond water is the yellow substances in the food of fish. Many types of food are coloured and especially in summer, when a lot is fed, this circumstance also favours discolouration of the water. The dyes either reach the water cycle directly via food residues or via the excreta of the fish and are only biologically degraded with great difficulty. The regular removal of dirt, plant remains and pond sludge with a pond sludge remover not only prevents the formation of algae, but also reduces discoloration in the water. KOIPON® Oxalit would be a suitable pond cleaner for removing the muddy nutrient nests at the bottom and for additional oxygenation of the water. A leaf protection net over the pond can also be extremely useful against the falling leaves of autumn.

Pond cleaner