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With Algae Exterminator & Algae Agent finally free of algae!

Now eliminate algae in the pond! We offer you biological means against algae - without chemicals, but also harmless and environmentally friendly solutions for cases of hardship. Green algae in ponds and aquariums are annoying, but natural phenomena, which can lead to an optical burden for us and to biological consequences for the pond water and its inhabitants Koi, sturgeon or goldfish.

Green algae such as thread algae or floating algae are particularly persistent - especially during algal bloom in spring.

The enormous oxygen consumption of algae in garden or fish ponds and the decomposition of dead algae can even endanger the lives of fish here. Finally there will not be enough oxygen available for the pond fish and plants.

There are several possible approaches here: Reduction of sunlight and nutrients, competition from plants or, in the case of persistent problems, algae killers for the pond. KOIPON® offers you the right products for your needs. We recommend our Pon-Vital for stable ponds without thread algae for year-round care. In the event of major problems, we recommend our thread algae destroyers and the simultaneous removal of nutrients with our algae agent Bio-Phosphat-Ex, which can then be used as a fertilizer in the garden. Here you will find your remedy against algae in the pond! Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

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