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Pond water environmentally friendly, fish-friendly treatment

With these products your tap water, well water or rain water can be treated biologically and without chemicals for your fishpond.

Heavy metals and excess nutrients such as phosphate, nitrate or ammonium must be bound and removed in order to prevent eutrophication and damage to pond inhabitants such as koi, sturgeon or goldfish. Excess nutrients in the pond are the food for algae such as thread algae or floating algae. A healthy decomposition of these pollutants thus sustainably lowers the growth of algae in the garden pond.

Clean (not sterile) water ultimately means healthy fish in the koi pond! Frequent factors of a (too strong) nutrient input in the pond are:
- Pollen flight (especially in spring)
- Fish food and fish excreta
- Plant residues or dead material in the pond water
- Pond sludge
- fallen leaves and needles of trees (just in autumn)
- Flushed in fertilizer from the surrounding garden or flower bed
- Large quantities of rainwater or tap water

Bind pollutants