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Pon-Vital finally free of thread algae from KOIPON
Made in Germany Made in Germany
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Pon-Vital finally free of thread algae from KOIPON
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Pon-Vital finally free of thread algae from KOIPON Image 3
Pon-Vital finally free of thread algae from KOIPON Image 4
Pon-Vital finally free of thread algae from KOIPON Image 5

Pon-Vital finally free of thread algae from KOIPON

Clear ponds without thread algae 100% organic
  • Permanently stable pond without thread algae
  • 100 % biological & safe
  • suitable for all types of ponds all year round
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Products description - Pon-Vital finally free of thread algae from KOIPON

fighting thread algae in the koi pond

With Pond-Vital you get a stable pond without thread algae with regular use - and it is completely harmless for the pond and its creatures.

This is how it works:

Pon-Vital is a biological water control. It promotes the development of water quality and creates optimal living conditions for all pond inhabitants. The product is of natural origin, promotes the multiplication of pollutant-degrading microorganisms and enriches the water with valuable minerals that are missing in our source water.

Is the pond medium hazardous to plants and animals?

Pon-Vital by KOIPON is completely harmless for all pond inhabitants. It promotes the health of the fish, stimulates the appetite and promotes the splendour of the colours.

The oxygen content is slightly increased, the pH value stabilizes and pollutants are broken down more quickly. By reducing the pollutants, the algae are safely displaced. An algae agent is no longer required.

The product is also suitable for swimming ponds and is non-toxic for humans and animals. Even an overdose will not cause damage to fish and plants.

How is it used?

At the first application give at least 35g (better 50g) per m pond water, or 350g per 10m 3x per month. Afterwards 1x per month the measured dosage - also in the winter months! The powder is simply distributed on the water surface. Algicides do not have to be used. Thus the pond inhabitants and the environment are spared. If there are still thread algae after the treatment, the product can be dosed up to 70g / m.

Why is the drug used throughout the year?

At the end of the addition in winter, the thread algae population would literally explode in the following spring and a new start with increased dosage would follow. If, on the other hand, regular doses are taken even in the cold months, the ratio remains stable.

Test Pon-Vital:

If you would like to test Pon-Vital, please note when ordering that you must order at least the quantity for 4 applications. 1 kg Pon-Vital can only be tested on ponds up to 6m!

Yearly requirements

 Dosing at 35 g/mCosts/month approx.
Pond size 1 m420 g for 12 months (490g with starting dosage) 0.70 35 g/application
Pond size 5 m2.1 kg for 12 months (2.6 kg with start dosing) 3.15 175 g/application
Pond size 10 m4.2 kg for 12 months (5.2 kg with starting dosage) 5.25 350 g/application
Pond size 25 m10.8 kg for 12 months (13 kg with starting dosage) 12,00 900 g/application
Hi Mr. Ahrens,
with "KOIPON Pon-Vital finally free of thread algae" I can now start fighting the thread algae.
Or rather wait until spring because of hibernation.
Would like to finally use KOIPON Pon-Vital without thread algae and KOIPON Oxalit together
Hello, yes, of course you can still put Pon-Vital in the pond now - also in combination with Oxalit. We recommend this combination anyway.
One question, we already have a lot of thread algae in our pond again - how do I get rid of them now in winter. This pond clear is meant for this and can you use it now already in winter? - Conny D.
Thank you for your inquiry. Teichklar is only suitable for turbid ponds. You should use Pon-Vital regularly. Approx. 350-500g on 10m pond content. You can also start now in winter. (If ice on the pond before in warm water dissolve and by the ice-free place into the pond give),  3 start dosages with 1 week each decency, afterwards 1 time in the month - all year round!
Must I also use PonVital in winter? - Horst F.
Yes, Pon-Vital is based on year-round use. The active ingredients gradually consume each other and must therefore be re-dosed regularly. The thread algae would even grow under the ice.
How about pond planting? Will it be damaged by Pon-Vital? - Manuela A. 
No of course not! Quite the opposite. Through our water optimization with Pon-Vital, the plants have considerably more nutrients available and not only grow better but are also more stable against pests.

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