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With the pond heating you save your Koi unnecessary stress!

The fish in the pond need at least 4°C for wintering. This is not a problem with sufficient depth from about 1,20 m. However, the pump or floor drain must not be fully operational. The pump should be pulled into shallower water and its performance throttled. With gravity systems, switching to a side outlet would be recommended. The Koi have the greatest stress with strong temperature fluctuations of more than 2°C per day. This is especially the case in the transition period autumn/spring: cold nights and sunshine during the day.

The worst thing is when the return flow of the filter possibly takes place via a stream. This is when the cooling is greatest at night. It is optimal to install a heater. This ensures that the temperature does not fall below the set value. Particularly in spring, the pond can then be heated quickly to over 12°C, so that the metabolism and the fish's defences become active.

The main purpose of heating is to keep temperatures stable. In a heated pond (also at 4°C) the filter can remain in operation and is active again faster in spring. A lot of energy can be saved by covering the pond. Our special cover plates keep the heat in the pond warm and even heat the pond in the sun.