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Ideal thermal protection for your beloved Koi

80% of the heat losses of a pond occur on the surface. It is therefore advisable to cover the pond, especially if additional heating is used. It would be sufficient to cover approx. 80% of the surface. For this purpose we offer floating pond covers. The panels are translucent and have 2 air chambers. In sunshine the pond is even heated. The covers are made of high-quality materials which are harmless to health and resist all weather conditions. Snow load is no problem - they sink only a little more, or the snow thaws through the warmer pond. Compared to previous methods, this thermal insulation is considerably better (compared to foils or floating balls). For storage, the plates can be nested into each other, thus reducing the space required. Cleaning and maintenance is also extremely easy. The assembly can be done comfortably by one person: Simply place it on the pond and hook it in. Triangular panels are also available on request. These are slightly more expensive per m².