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Ball valves - pond construction

So-called ball valves made of PVC are valves with a perforated ball which are used as shut-off bodies due to their large pipe diameters, especially in pond technology or in the pool area. Unlike a slide valve, a ball valve, which is often referred to as a ball valve or shut-off valve, can be operated at a much higher pressure and is therefore also used in industrial plants. On both sides of the long and cylindrical body there is a connection which allows several connection combinations and uncomplicated maintenance of the valve. The ball valve can be opened or closed without any effort thanks to a lever mounted above the ball valve body. However, the lever should always be actuated slowly to avoid a pressure surge in the line and consequential damage to the pipes or a fitting. In addition to their considerable resistance to pressure, our PVC ball valves are also very resistant to chemicals when used in clear or dirty water. And here is another useful tip: When using the ball valves outdoors, you should prevent direct sunlight to prevent an undesirable reduction in the service life!