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Pressure filters

Pressure filter for your pond

Other than continuous filters, pressure filters direct the pump pressure through the filter. They can also be used below the water level. For this reason, they are classically used for higher-lying brooks or other water features next to which they can be buried in the ground and thus do not disturb the natural appearance of the garden. This is made possible by the closed system of the filter, which is secured with a quick-release fastener. The cleaning processes function according to the same principle as that of the flow-through filter and therefore provide an equally good basis for optimally filtered water when the pond and filter sizes are matched. Thanks to the patented cleaning system, filter cleaning is as easy as it is clean. A suitable UVC clarifier as a guarantee for clear water is already integrated in these systems.

Another advantage of the filters is that the closed system means that the filters can also be installed below the water level. At the outlet there is still pressure, the filtered water can be pumped e.g. to a stream, or introduced into the pond to generate a current. We also recommend these filters for quarantine basins, or e.g. as additional filters for skimmers.