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Kusuri Masuizai anesthesia 250ml

Kusuri Masuizai anesthesia 250ml

Sedative for ornamental fish
Soothing agent for wound treatment of pond fish. Place the injured fish in a tub with the tranquilizer and then treat
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Products description - Kusuri Masuizai anesthesia 250ml


This is not a medicine for pond use! Shake before use. Use an inspection tank, which you fill with pond water until the whole Koi is submerged. Measure exactly how much water you use. Dose 10 ml Masuizai anaesthetic liquid per 9 litres of water and mix it in the tub with the pond water. Hang an air stone in the water. Place the Koi in the tub and watch the fish closely. If the Koi tips over or the Koi can be brought above the water level without resistance, the Koi is ready for treatment. Normally the Koi is anaesthetised within 2 minutes. Depending on the size of the Koi, it may be necessary to dose more Masuizai. This is normal and no reason for panic! In any case, pay attention: If you suspect it will go wrong, put the fish back in the pond. If the Koi is anaesthetized, place the fish on a wet towel and cover the Koi with the exception of the treatment area. A second person can help you to observe the Koi so that the Koi does not jump, although this is likely with a reasonable anaesthetic. Make the treatment last as short as possible.

Dosing: 10ml per 9 liters of water in the tub.

health risks

Do not swallow or inhale. Use only outdoors or in ventilated areas. Keep in original packaging. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Store in a cool, dark place. Always wear gloves and protective clothing when using Zum Schutz.

Harmful: Contains 2-phenoxyethanol. Toxic by inhalation, ingestion, skin or eye contact. In the event of an accident, always notify a doctor and take the original package with you. R20/R21/R22R36.

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