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Winter food sinking for Koi

A high energy sink food with many wheat germ, which contains a special high dosage of vitamins for carp, so that the Koi can get through the winter better and regenerate faster in spring. But Energy is not only a spring and autumn food, but can also be used optimally after treatments and illnesses, so that the Koi quickly replenish energy and strengthen their immune system to be able to recover and thus a better healing can take place.

Why a sinker?
A sink food, because the Koi is a carp and absorbs food more easily from the ground than from the surface, so that you can feed longer at lower temperatures and also start feeding more quickly in spring, thus shortening the very exhausting and energy-consuming winter break for the Koi. After illness, the Koi can be moved back to eating more quickly, it can take up the food on the ground at rest and thus reach recovery faster.