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KOIPON Teichklar
Made in Germany Made in Germany
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KOIPON Teichklar
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KOIPON Teichklar

Removes turbidity, works immediately!
  • Crystal clear water & significant improvement in visibility depth
  • Acts quickly with green cloudy ponds
  • pH and KH values in the pond remain stable
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Products description - KOIPON Teichklar

Pond clear against green water with floating algae

  • Excellent for water purification in ponds, swimming pools and aquariums

  • carbonate hardness should be at least KH 6° for a better effect. Harden with Hardness-Plus from KOITEC if necessary.

  • Applicable for a pH range between 5-8.

  • Sturgeons must be removed from the pelvis during treatment.

  • Bonds non-filterable suspended particles and simultaneously reduces pollutants such as phosphates. Remove the resulting flake slurry with a landing net, pond vacuum cleaner or filter pump. For floor drains, open with slide valve and drain directly.

50 ml KOIPON Teichklar per 1000 litres pond content evenly distribute on the water surface. Ensure good mixing and ventilation!
In contrast to competitor products, the special recipe prevents a rapid drop in the pH and KH values and thus prevents damage during fish stocking. In case of non-success (e.g. insufficient water values and strong turbidity) the application can be repeated after 5 hours -better on the next day-. Rinse filter system after use. The flocculation reduces the oxygen - provide sufficient ventilation or use our oxygen product Oxalit. Keep out of the reach of children.

Have floating algae in the pond. What can I do about it? Do you have a remedy?
Manuela K.
For floating algae, i.e. green and turbid pond water, we have developed our Pond Clear. Suspended algae are removed and you get crystal clear water. 
I have green water in my pond. What does that mean?
Thomas W.
This almost always means floating algae.
In order to actively combat this, we recommend our proven KOIPON® Teichklar and KOIPON® Immerklar combination so that the suspended solids can be bound and sheared off in the water.
What from your assortment should I "not" use if I have besides Koi and goldfish still sturgeons in my pond?
Regina M.
Generally you can use all means. Please note that you have to put the sturgeons in a different tank before using them. You can then use them again without risk 4-5 hours after the application.
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