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KOIPON Teichclean
Made in Germany Made in Germany
Für alle Teiche geeignet
KOIPON Teichclean
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KOIPON Teichclean

  • Eliminates pond sludge & dead algae
  • Stabilizes the pond water
  • Biological & harmless for all pond dwellers
  • suitable for all ponds
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Products description - KOIPON Teichclean

  • The phosphate-free pond cleaner sludge remover from KOIPON with first-class German brand quality effectively removes pond sludge, bottom mulch and dead algae from the pond bottom in ponds
  • Mineral composition of valuable microorganisms for biological decomposition of organic water pollution and reduction of algae growth for a clean and stable pond Garden pond Fish pond
  • Phosphate-free pond care for pond cleaning with natural ingredients to stabilize pond hardness and pH value in pond water for harmless use with Koi fish plants
  • By simple and even distribution in the pond water, the biological sludge regulator can be effortlessly applied to the pond to remove deposits from the bottom of the pond
  • Use the harmless pond sludge remover for heavy pond load with 500g per 10m³ pond content 2x in the first month & after successful pond sludge decomposition 1x monthly as a preventive measure with 200-300g

Biological pond sludge remover

KOIPON's biological pond sludge remover Teichclean effectively removes pond sludge layers and other organic deposits on the pond floor through leaves or dead algae. With regular monthly application in spring, summer, autumn and winter, the mixture of natural minerals supports the biological self-cleaning power and reduces the filter load in the garden pond - and is completely harmless for the pond and its inhabitants!

Harmless pond product for plants and living beings
By enriching the pond water with valuable microorganisms and pollutant-degrading microorganisms, the agent for pond sludge degradation and removal of algae creates optimal living conditions for Koi, goldfish and other living creatures in the pond. The powder is suitable for all ponds and safe for humans and animals.

The sludge remover should be dosed twice a month with 1 kg to 30,000 litres of pond water during the first application, after which a monthly addition is sufficient. If there are no more deposits, a dosage of 50% can be used without hesitation for prevention.
The powder should be given in measured quantity during the first treatment 2x a month by direct sprinkling into the pond or short stirring in a clean bucket with pond water and even distribution into the pond. Deposits lying loosely on the bottom of the pond float to the surface of the pond & can be easily removed with a skimmer or fine net. The fish may remain in the pond during application without hesitation.

iron, manganese, magnesium, silicic acid, sodium, rock flour

I have a pond of about 30000 liters. The water is ok but green. Does TeichClean help to get it clearer again? Finn H.
Pondclean is our biological agent for the removal of pond sludge, plant residues and waste materials. With Teichclean you clean rather the bottom of the water. Green water means floating algae. The best treatment is a good UV lamp. To get the water clear again with the help of additives, we recommend our proven combination KOIPON Teichklar and KOIPON Immerklar.

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