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KOIPON Immerklar
Made in Germany Made in Germany
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KOIPON Immerklar
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KOIPON Immerklar

  • Natural pond clarifier without chemicals
  • Permanently clear pond
  • Dispels suspended particles
  • suitable for all ponds
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Products description - KOIPON Immerklar

KOIPON Teichklar: Immediately clear pond
KOIPON Immerklar: Permanently clear pond

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  • The pond cleaner KOIPON Immerklar with German brand quality provides without chemicals permanently clear water, effectively displaces floating algae in the pond and is completely harmless to humans and animals
  • By the supply of highly effective minerals, the water clarifier effectively supports the pollutant-degrading microorganisms in a natural way and improves the visibility depth in the pond
  • .
  • Thanks to the mineral composition of natural ingredients, the water conditioner can be used safely in the pond without the inconvenience of having to move Koi carp fish sturgeon mussels
  • effective support of the biological balance and reduction of nitrate and nitrite with regular pond care for healthy crystal-clear water in 4-6 weeks depending on contamination
  • The water clarifying agent can be stirred in a watering can in the dosed quantity and then easily distributed on the pond surface and is suitable for all ponds

Pond clarifier without chemistry

Always clear can be used at all water values and at any pond water temperature. To do this, stir the dosed quantity in a watering can and distribute evenly over the pond. An additional water movement ensures good distribution in the pond water.

All pond inhabitants can remain in the pond during application and do not have to be relocated.

Filter system and UV lamps can remain switched on. The filter does not have to be rinsed after the use of Immerklar.

At the start of treatment 2x per week 75g per 1,000 l pond content. After clarification of the pond, the dosage can be reduced to 25 g per 1,000 l per week of pond content. In order to prevent a relapse, we recommend permanent use. Harmless for all pond inhabitants because it is a pure natural product.

Stir the metered amount in a watering can and distribute evenly over the pond. An additional water movement ensures a good distribution in the pond. In a few cases "Immerklar" does not work. Then we recommend a complete pond cleaning and refilling.

I have a pond of about 30000 liters. The water is ok but green. Does TeichClean help to get it clearer again? Brigitte N.
Green water means floating algae. The best treatment for this is a good UV lamp. To get the water clear again with the help of additives, we recommend our proven combination KOIPON® Pond Clear and KOIPON® Immerklar.
The water in my pond is green and murky. Where does it come from? Thorsten H.
Green water almost always means that you have floating algae in your pond. In order to achieve sustainable success in the fight against floating algae, it is necessary not only to deal with the algae themselves, but above all with their causes. A visible overpopulation of floating algae only thrives when there is an oversupply of nutrients (mainly nitrate and phosphate) in the pond water. In addition to the actual algae control by means of UVC clarifiers or KOIPON® Teichklar + KOIPON® Immerklar it is important to minimize or decisively balance the nutrient input into the pond.

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