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KOIPON Fadenalgenvernichter
Made in Germany Made in Germany
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KOIPON Fadenalgenvernichter
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KOIPON Fadenalgenvernichter

Without chemicals and heavy metals!
  • Quick destruction of stubborn thread algae
  • Harmless to animals & plants with recommended use
  • Prevents the growth of new thread algae
  • Free from copper and other heavy metals
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Products description - KOIPON Fadenalgenvernichter

  • The phosphate-free KOIPON thread algae remover with proven German brand quality effectively removes stubborn thread algae and promotes the build-up of water quality in algae-free ponds
  • Thanks to highly effective salicylic acid & other natural ingredients in the algae agent, the lime skeleton of nutrient-pulling filamentous algae is decomposed without spores, thus preventing new algae growth
  • The agent against thread algae without copper and other heavy metals is completely harmless for Koi, fish and plants and is suitable for all ponds such as koi pond fish pond swimming pool
  • The algae powder without phosphate, which can be applied once a month, enables effortless pond cleaning and removal of algae in the twinkling of an eye
  • by simply spreading on the pond surface.
  • The thread algae destroyer against thread algae in the pond & to promote the health and color of the fish in the first 3 weeks 1x weekly with at least 35-50 g per m³ pond water dose

Thread algae shredder for garden ponds

The KOIPON thread algae shredder in premium brand quality Made in Germany ensures a stable pond without thread algae when used regularly in spring, summer, autumn and winter and is completely harmless for the pond and its inhabitants. By enriching the pond water with valuable minerals and pollutant-decomposing microorganisms, the algae remedy to remove algae creates optimal living conditions for Koi, goldfish and other creatures in the pond!

Harmless pond product for plants and living beings
With the help of highly effective active ingredients such as salicylic acid, the oxygen content in the pond water is slightly increased and the pH value is stabilised - this enables pollutants and annoying thread algae in the water to be broken down more quickly and renewed growth of the algae prevented. The algae agent is suitable for all ponds and harmless for humans and animals.

During the first three weeks, the algae remover should be dosed once a week with at least 35-50 g per m³ of pond water and then once a month with the appropriate amount. If not successful, the dosage is too low and can be doubled.
Sprinkle a measured amount of powder into the filter outlet or distribute it on the pond surface. 

Carbonate hardness (KH) of at least 5° recommended. After 10-14 days the thread algae dissolve. Protect filters and also remove loose thread algae manually during treatment.

BAuA-Reg.-Nr. N-75878 Marking according to VO (EU) No. 528/2012, product type 2, active ingredient salicylic acid 0.50 g per 100 ml solution

Use biocidal products with care! Always read label and product information before use

How do I fight thread algae in the pond? Norbert A.
For example with our KOIPON thread algae shredder. It effectively removes stubborn thread algae and promotes the build-up of water quality in algae-free ponds.
Is the algae destroyer in any way harmful to the environment?Angelina T.
No, it is completely harmless for Koi, fish and plants and is suitable for all ponds like koi pond, fish pond, swimming pond and pool.
Is it allowed to use the thread algae shredder even if the Koi have spawned ? Tom K.
Yes this is possible without problems!

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