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KOIPON Bio-Logik Lactic acid bacteria
Made in Germany Made in Germany
KOIPON Bio-Logik Lactic acid bacteria
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KOIPON Bio-Logik Lactic acid bacteria

  • Reduces algae growth & increases oxygen content
  • Increases the health of the Koi in the pond
  • 100 % biological & harmless for all ponds
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Products description - KOIPON Bio-Logik Lactic acid bacteria

KOIPON Bio-Logik Lactic acid bacteria

This 100% organic product destroys 95% of the pathogenic bacteria in the pond. It strengthens the immune system and the mucous membrane of the Koi, promotes wound healing and digestion. It improves pond water, reduces ammonia and nitrite as well as algae growth. It also reduces the degradation of waste materials and therefore ensures a higher oxygen content. Operating times of UV lamps can be reduced e.g. by a timer.

KOIPON Bio-Logik is rich in enzymes, minerals, trace elements, vitamins and essential amino acids. About 3.5 million reproductive lactic acid bacteria live in one millilitre of Bio-Logik.


Ab approx. 8 degrees water temperature approx. 1 liter Koitec Bio-Logik to 20,000 liters pond water (or 50ml per 1000 l pond water) in a watering can with pond water mix and without watering spout (this would clog by solid components) on the pond surface distribute as well as in the plant filter and in the filter system. Shake the canister well beforehand. Keep the air opening in the lid closed. The highly active bacteria cause fermentation processes. The lid is therefore provided with an opening for ventilation. Switch off the UV lamp for approx. 48 hours. We recommend repeating the application every 6 to 8 weeks.

Uneopened shelf life 3 years. Open 1 year. Store in a cool and dark place

Do I get clear water in the pond through the use of lactic acid bacteria? Dirk H.
In a way already.
Microorganisms such as lactic acid bacteria can perform important tasks in the detoxification or self-cleaning of the pond as part of the nutrient cycle. The bacteria convert toxins such as ammonia or nitrite and then reduce excess nutrients in the pond, which ultimately prevents the formation of algae and thus creates the basis for clear pond water.
Is Bio-Logik environmentally friendly? Marta W.
Yes, it is 100% biological and harmless for all animals and plants and even increases the health of Koi in the pond.

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