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Cyprinocur FMC
Cyprinocur FMC
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Cyprinocur FMC

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Products description - Cyprinocur FMC

A highly effective treatment against ectoparasites (Costia) and saprolegnia (fungal diseases for pond fish and Japan Koi


The following characteristics can occur: whitish, greyish deposits on the skin - Koi stand at the water inlet or lie near the bottom with their pectoral fins pinched - rub against the pond bottom or pond edges - often jump and breathe very strongly - have a listless effect, stand a lot on the surface of the water and hardly take any food.
100 ml: Malachite green oxalate 0.37 g, methylene blue 0.37 g, formaldehyde 30% 100 ml

For a reliable diagnosis, you should have a skin swab taken by a specialist for a microscopic examination!


Day 1: max. 20 ml  per 1.000 litres pond volume
Day 3: 10 ml  per 1,000 litres pond volume
Day 5: 10 ml  per 1,000 litres pond volume
At a pH value below 7 dose halve
A partial water change (approx. 20%) before the start of treatment and after the end of treatment (day 5) is recommended.

500 ml bottle sufficient for 12.500 litres pond volume
1000 ml bottle sufficient for 25,000 litres pond volume


2 to 3 days before your fish please do not feed.
Switch off the UV and ozone systems for 24 hours after applying the agent. Aerate well during treatment and remove filter aids (zeolite, activated carbon, filter resins, salt) from the filter. Do not use for young fish, sturgeon, tench and sturgeon.

Only use above 10°C Water temperature

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