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Bio-Phosphate binder for pond by KOIPON
Made in Germany Made in Germany
Bio-Phosphate binder for pond by KOIPON
Bio-Phosphate binder for pond by KOIPON Image 2
Bio-Phosphate binder for pond by KOIPON Image 3
Bio-Phosphate binder for pond by KOIPON Image 4
Bio-Phosphate binder for pond by KOIPON Image 5

Bio-Phosphate binder for pond by KOIPON

  • Bonds effectively copper & phosphate
  • Without chemical additives
  • Also suitable for swimming pools
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Products description - Bio-Phosphate binder for pond by KOIPON

KOIPON biophosphate binder

You plague algae problems and green pond water? Our bio-phosphate binder will help you!

Phosphates and nitrates are the main food sources for algae growth in garden and swimming ponds and of course in aquariums. Main input source is fish food, but also e.g. pollen and other inputs. KOITEC Bio-Phosphate Binder stores these phosphates, other heavy metal ions such as copper, silicate, lead and zinc as well as organic water pollutants. The extremely large surface (270m²/g) literally absorbs the substances and does not release them back into the water. The grain size is approx. 2-4mm. 1 kg KOITEC Bio-Phosphate Binder can bind approx. 35-50g phosphate. KOITEC Bio-Phosphate Binder is already filled into practical filter bags and should be hung directly into the flow of the filter outlet or part inlet.

The Koitec Philosophy:

As little chemistry as possible, only as much technology as necessary. The combination of our KOIPON products achieves exactly this by biological means at relatively low cost. KOIPON Bio-Phosphate Binder is the ideal supplement to KOITEC Pond-Vital for stable ponds without thread algae and can therefore reduce the dosage. UV lamps can be switched off temporarily. This saves electricity and extends the service life of the lamps. KOITEC Bio-Phosphate Binder is not an algae destroyer, but by removing the nutrients it reduces growth without chemical agents and can then be composted. As a perfect supplement we recommend KOITEC Bio-Logik lactic acid bacteria for a positive bacterial climate in the pond and thus a higher fish health.


We recommend 1kg per 10m³ for garden ponds with fish, for swimming ponds approx. 40-50m³. The granulate should be replaced after 4-6 weeks. We also offer a phosphate test, so you can decide whether you need larger amounts of phosphate binder or need to replace it. KOIPON Phosphate-Ex can be disposed on the compost or on beds, and provides there for a biological fertilizer effect.

I have algae and green water in my pond, what can I do? Dagmar Z.
We recommend: Bio-Phosphate Ex. It helps against algae and green water by binding the excess nutrient phosphate in the pond water. Phosphate is one of the substances that serve as food for various algae.

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