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Our current recommendations

Dear Koitec pond friends,
in our owner-managed online shop koitec24.de you will find everything for your pond and your fish (Koi, Sturgeon, goldfish). With us you order exclusively from owner and pond expert André Ahrens personally selected products in premium quality from the following areas: Pond care, Koi food and fish food, feed supplements, OASE Pond equipment, Pond construction and Plants and Pond Islands.

For 20 years pond owners have been buying pond accessories from us in the Koi Shop and they are especially beautiful:

  • Personal expert advice by telephone, e-mail and on site
  • The huge assortment with proven products
  • Our own brand KOIPON® with top quality from Germany
  • Our quality guarantee: individual check of each order
  • The common passion: For love of Koi & pond

In 2018 Koitec Professional became KOIPON®: of course with the same products, the same quality and the same team.

Pond plants for garden ponds and swimming ponds

You can buy pond plants online fresh and seasonal with the BIOLAND seal directly on Koitec24 – the plants Segge, Zwergbinse, Sumpf-Dotterblume, Wasserminze and Pfennigkraut are usually available. Each Pond plants set is hardy, particularly hard preferred and ideal for garden ponds. The plants from German breeding are especially popular on our floating pond islands – for a wonderful atmosphere at the pond!

Floating pond island for ponds

Our handcrafted KOIPON pond islands swim year-round in thousands of ponds and are ideal for planting. They are therefore also called plant islands or plant islands. Koi and other fish love the shade. The floating mats are available in many different sizes and shapes – for every koi pond, swimming pond or garden pond there is something! The pond islands cannot rot and cannot be destroyed by fish thanks to a protective net on the underside.

Pond sludge removal with pond sludge remover

Pond mud, leaves and dirt in the pond? Simply remove with Oxalit and Teichclean from KOIPON. Also suitable for natural ponds with solid sludge. With the right sludge remover, pond cleaning can be so easy. Clean your pond now effectively and environmentally friendly.

Pond clear as pond cleaning for clear ponds

With Teichklar and Immerklar from KOIPON clean every green and true koi pond and fish pond with floating algae. The lousy algae are flocculated and can be removed with a landing net or filter. Professional pond care for a clear pond. Pond care can be so easy!

Algae destroyer for ponds

Fast destruction of persistent algae in Koi ponds, swimming ponds or garden ponds with the KOIPON Algae destroyer. Finally algae-free water without risk for plants and fish with recommended use. Our algae remover ensures an algae-free pond for floating algae, smear algae and thread algae.

Stable pond without thread algae

Permanent without thread algae thanks to our biological Pon-Vital. Not a classic thread algae remover, but a harmless water control that stabilizes the water at the same time. Particularly popular with Koi in ponds, as 100 % harmless. Simply use all year round and never have thread algae again.

Thread algae shredder

Stubborn thread algae can also be treated with our phosphate-free thread algae shredder. The product against thread algae without copper and other heavy metals is completely harmless for Koi, fish and plants. Destroy thread algae with KOIPON – harmless, simple, sustainable.

Buy Koi Food 3mm and 5mm

Fresh Purchase our Koi food bargain from KOIPON® – in 0,85 kg, 1,75 kg, 3,5 kg, 1 kg, 2 kg, 4 kg and 15 kg. KOIPON Regular as summer food for growth and health of Koi, KOIPON Performance as colour feed with 6 % spirulina algae for optimal colours, KOIPON Condition as Koifutter floating in frühjahr and late summer and KOIPON Energy as winterfeed sinking. For all pond fish, including goldfish, we recommend our KOIPON Pon-Pellets.

as fish food.

Natural food as feed energy

High-quality Silkworms and Shrimps from KOIPON are suitable as inexpensive supplementary food due to the many proteins and fats.

* Applies to deliveries to Germany. Delivery times for other countries and information on how to calculate the delivery date can be found at Shipping & Returns